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Focus Newsletters

Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners work with local communities and keep in touch all year round through Focus newsletters in different parts of Slough.

The Focus newsletters aim to let residents know what is going on in their area and how they might be able to work with the local Lib Dems to campaign for improved services in their communities. Focus newsletters also let residents know ways in which they can get in contact with the Lib Dem team, or directly contact the Council and other bodies over issues in their area.

Over the years a wide range of Lib Dem councillors and campaigners have led Focus campaigns in different parts of Slough. They include: John Edwards, Sonja Jenkins, Duncan Buchanan and Robert Plimmer in Foxborough ward; Rashad Butt (Mayor of Slough, 2007-8), Duncan Buchanan and David Bridge in Stoke ward; and Robert Plimmer, Khaalid Malik and Josephine Hanney in Cippenham.

Latest editions of Focus

Click the links below to download the latest editions of Focus.

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 22 (March 2018)

Latest issue of Focus on Cippenham Meadows including:

- Robert Plimmer supports the Lib Dem's continuing campaign to save our NHS, including from the threat of a Brexit Trade deal

- Robert Plimmer's action to clean up Cippenham

- Robert Plimmer asking the Council to get action from utility companies to deal with all the exposed boxes

- Why hard-working local resident Robert Plimmer should eb the new councillor for Cippenham Meadows

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 21 (February 2018)

Latest issue of Focus on Cippenham Meadows including:

- Robert Plimmer's campaign for the local NHS NHS

- Robert Plimmer's call for action to tackle Slough's housing crisis

- Robert Plimmer reports on Lib Dem part in opposing Tory support for plans to move Salt Hill Park into Windsor constituency

Focus Archive

Click the links below to download previous editions of Focus.

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 20 (August 2017)

Latest issue of Focus on Cippenham Meadows including

- Robert Plimmer seeks your help to stop Slough's Labour council privatising our NHS

- Robert Plimmer's file of local news and action

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 19 (January 2017)


- Robert Plimmer campaigning for our NHS

- More local campaigning successes for Robert Plimmer

- Campaigning against changes to constituency boundary changes

- Robert Plimmer's local campaigning priorities for the new year

- Stunning Lib Dem by-election win in Richmond

- State pension increases under threat

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 18 (July 2016)


- Even most of Slough's Labour councillors agree Robert Plimmer was right in his criticisms of recent council policies

- The Lib Dems were right to oppose Labour's Iraq war

- Thousands of new members join the Lib Dems as the party that is right on the big issues and offers hope for the future

- Robert Plimmer continues to work to get improvements around Cippenham Meadows

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 17 (April 2016)


- Robert Plimmer is the candidate who lives in the heart of Cipppenham Meadows and has been working for the local area

- Robert's criticisms of the Labour Council for going ahead with the unwanted traffic scheme without proper consultation

- Robert's recent actions to improve Cippenham for everyone

- Robert's previous record of success as a hard-working councillor for Foxborough Ward, Langley: improving Community safety; achieving Fair Trade Town status for Slough; and protecting the environment

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 16 (April 2016)


- It's time for change in Slough

- Robert Plimmer's successful campaigns to get improvements in our area

- Robert Plimmer attacks unfair Conservative plans to cut disability payments and use the money to reduce taxes on the wealthiest

- First results from Cippenham survey show big support for Robert Plimmer's campaigns against the mistakes of Slough's Labour Council

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 15 (February 2016)


- Traffic Chaos in Cippenham

- It's taking far too long to finish the Heart of Slough project

- A record of Action - A promise of more

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 14 (November 2015)


- It's time Slough Council made a better job of its traffic schemes

- Lib Dems led fight against Tory Government plans to cut back on tax credits and housing opportunities for Slough residents

- Robert Plimmer gets more progress on improving Two Mile Brook

- Slough Council's increased charges for sports pitches cause 50% drop in bookings

Focus on Cippenham Meadows Issue 13 (August 2015)


- Robert Plimmer attacks Labour's massive increase in sports pitch charges

- Labour councillors have got their priorities wrong

- Progress at Two Mile Brook following Robert Plimmer's campaigning

- Why have Slough's Labour councillors forced cuts in bus services and use of bus passes?

- Why does the Labour Council make voters in parts of the Lodge Farm estate travel to Pitts Rd to vote where there is little parking?

- Remembering Charles Kennedy

Focus on Haymill and Lynch Hill (April 2017)

Focus on Haymill and Lynch Hill including

- Vote Gary Griffin for a councillor who will listen to local people and stand up for our town

- Lib Dem policies to improve health and well-being services locally and nationally

- Gary Griffin standing up for our community by opposing proposed changes to constituency boundaries

- Lib Dems campaigning against a hard Brexit and for the rights of EU citizens in the UK to stay