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Recent updates

  • Gary Griffin standing for election to Slough Borough Council 2017
    Article: Apr 7, 2017
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    Slough Liberal Democrats have chosen long-standing Slough resident and campaigner Gary Griffin as their candidate for the Haymill and Lynch Hill by-election to Slough Borough Council on 4th May.

    Gary stood up for Slough residents in recent consultations and is shocked that local Conservatives failed to do so. Gary says "I told the Boundary Commission that their plans to implement Conservative Government proposals by moving Salt Hill Park, Chalvey and part of High Street out of Slough constituency and into Windsor constituency were unacceptable. I'm shocked that local Conservatives failed to oppose these proposals."

  • Document: Jan 2, 2017
    857.26 KiB drawing or desktop publishing document

    Latest issue of Focus on Cippenham Meadows including

    - Robert Plimmer campaigning for our NHS

    - More local campaigning successes for Robert Plimmer

    - Campaigning against changes to constituency boundary changes

    - Robert Plimmer's local campaigning priorities for the new year

    - Stunning Lib Dem by-election win in Richmond

    - State pension increases under threat

  • Robert Plimmer at Mercian Recreation Ground, Slough
    Article: Sep 1, 2016

    In a letter published in the local papers on 26 August (see below), Robert Plimmer repeated his call for the leaders of Slough's Labour-run Council to reverse their decision to massively increase charges for hiring council sports pitches. Robert highlighted the success of Team GB at the recent Olympics and the inspiration it provides for increasing health-promoting physical activity in the community, drawing on the encouragement for increased physical activity provided by ITV's shut-down on Sat 27th August and quotes from the Chief Medical Officer. Robert explained that increased hire charges had caused a drastic drop in the number of council sports pitches hired in Slough, saying 'there could not be a better time for the councillors to listen to my request and reverse the massive hike in charges. This would be good for participation in community leisure activities, and good for the health of those involved.'

  • George Fussey, Chair of East Berks Lib Dems
    Article: Aug 20, 2016

    It is depressing when the adversarial style of politics which is such a feature of British democracy generates more heat than light. It all too often does. One reason for this is, I believe, the historical domination of politics by males. This has meant that frequently testosterone has rather too much say in determining our political behaviour and the tone of the debates that take place. The rudeness and boorish behaviour that I have experienced in the Council Chamber was not, on the numerous occasions I witnessed it, an edifying experience. So, at one level, at least, it seems to me that we should welcome Theresa May as our second woman Prime Minister. We need more women in politics and more women in top jobs. Her appointment should also remind us of how much more work we as a party must do to increase our own diversity so that we can better represent society as a whole. However, her previous record as Home Secretary is particularly illiberal and does not fill us with optimism when she talks about her 'one nation' aspirations.

  • Document: Jul 26, 2016
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    Latest issue of Focus on Cippenham Meadows including

    - Even most of Slough's Labour councillors agree Robert Plimmer was right in his criticisms of recent council policies

    - The Lib Dems were right to oppose Labour's Iraq war

    - Thousands of new members join the Liberal Democrats as the party that is right on the big issues and offers hope for the future

    - Robert Plimmer continues to work to get improvements around Cippenham Meadows

  • Robert Plimmer at Mercian Recreation Ground, Slough
    Article: Jul 18, 2016
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    After the local elections in May 2016 the majority of Slough's Labour councillors agreed Robert Plimmer was right in his criticisms of Slough's Labour-run Council. As Robert explained in a letter published in the local papers: 'When I stood as the Liberal Democrat candidate in Cippenham Meadows Ward on 5th May, I criticised many of the things done by the Labour-run Council including their appalling mismanagement of Slough's Children's Services.'

  • Charles Kennedy campaigning against the war in Iraq
    Article: Jul 7, 2016
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    The long-awaited Chilcot Report proves the Liberal Democrats were right to oppose Tony Blair's illegal war on Iraq. Commenting, current Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, praised the judgement shown by Charles Kennedy in leading the Lib Dems to oppose the Iraq war and to unanimously vote against it.

  • Article: Jun 26, 2016
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    Tim Farron, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has expressed his determination that the party continue to fight for a tolerant, openhearted, optimistic, and outward looking vision of Britain: "We should be proud of our positive, principled, and patriotic campaign for the UK to Remain at the heart of Europe. Our fight for an open, optimistic, liberal, diverse and tolerant Britain is needed now more than ever."

  • Josephine Hanney, Lib Dem campaigner
    Article: Jun 20, 2016
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    Local Lib Dems are stressing the importance of securing a positive vote to remain in the EU in the referendum on Thursday June 23.

    Josephine Hanney published a letter in a local paper pointing out that remaining in the EU and working together was the best way to protect jobs and exports which, in turn, are so important in enabling the UK to fund vital public services such as the NHS. The full version of the letter can be seen below.

  • Josephine Hanney, Lib Dem campaigner
    Article: Jun 7, 2016
    By Slough Liberal Democrats

    It will be good for Slough if the UK votes to REMAIN in the EU in the referendum on 23rd June. This is the message from the Slough Lib Dems in a campaign spearheaded by Josephine Hanney, long-time Slough resident.

    Her team has been out leafleting in various areas of Slough including parts of Langley, Upton and East Slough. The message is clear says Josephine: 'on a whole range of issues including jobs, protecting our environment and combating terrorism more is to be gained than lost by continuing to work with partners within the EU. Slough is just the type of town with high-tech industries that benefits most from the fact that the UK receives the lion's share of the EU's investment in Research & Development.'

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The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance, or conformity.

The Liberal Democrats now have an engaging new leader, Tim Farron, who will be promoting a decisive fightback in support of our enduring values and our sensible, grounded, balanced policies, over the next few years- click above to hear his acceptance speech.
- After a close contest between two very strong candidates, and a democratic process open to all party members. We are sure Norman Lamb's contribution will remain a key part of our offering to the people of Britain.
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