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Nick Clegg - Spring Conference - 8th March 2014The Liberal Democrats are working to build astronger economy in a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

That's why in Government we have given 24 million people a £700 tax cut, created 1 million jobs and helped 1.5 million apprentices.

That's 5,500 more people in work every working day!

5500 people every working day

We are the only party that can anchor Britain in the centre ground, ensuring we have sustainable growth and equality of opportunity.

Labour can't be trusted with the economy, in government they would drag Britain to the left, borrowing too much, spending too much and risking the recovery.

And the Conservatives can't be trusted to treat people fairly. If Liberal Democrats weren't in Government, the Tories would focus attention on the best-off, let employers fire staff without cause and allow schools to be run for profit.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be trusted to build a stronger economy in a fairer society, enabling every person to get on in life.

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  • labour-mansion-tax.jpg
    Article: Sep 23, 2014

    Labour leader Ed Miliband today announced plans to put an extra £2.5bn into the NHS should he get elected next May.

    He said the money would be paid for with a mansion tax.

    But Ed Miliband's mansion tax revenue seems very much a mystery.

    This is the third time in just two years that Labour has spent the mansion tax revenue. Last year Ed Miliband said the revenue would fund a 10p tax rate. Yesterday Rachel Reeves told Labour Conference it would be used to draw down the deficit. And today Ed Miliband said that it will go back into the NHS.

  • Article: Sep 23, 2014


    This was not a speech from a Prime Minister in waiting. Today Ed Miliband said nothing to prove Labour is capable of running the economy again.

    Miliband has meekly repackaged old and borrowed ideas and hoped for the best.

    Liberal Democrats have proven in Government that we can build a stronger economy and fix Labour's mess, as well as build a fairer society, enabling everyone to get on in life.

  • Article: Sep 22, 2014

    British manufacturers want the UK to remain in the EU and lead in its reform, the EEF manufacturers' organisation stressed today in a new 5-point manifesto.

    Making the economic case for EU membership and extending its free market to drive jobs and growth were identified by the EEF as top priorities for the next government.

  • Article: Sep 21, 2014

    Clive Jones, Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Wokingham says,

    " Charlotte Haitham -Taylor should resign her position as Executive member for Children's services and education immediately. There is no way she can concentrate properly on her very important role protecting children and developing education in Wokingham; whilst the same time spending several days a week 240 miles away in North west Durham.

    She is not doing her job properly. Wokingham residents and particular Wokingham children deserve better from their Councillors. Mrs Haitham Taylor is treating her very important role as less with contempt. By becoming a Conservative PPC so far away she is concentrating on what she see's as her parliamentary career rather her responsibilities in Wokingham. She has to resign her executive role."

    Her new role will surely mean that her attention to her Executive member role in Wokingham will suffer. She is in charge of a particular sensitive area of the Councils work and we cant have her fitting in her work here around her visits to Durham which will involve being away from Wokingham for several days a week.

    Additionally, if she has moved to Durham as the local papers there have reported she should resign her seat on the Wokingham Borough council.


    Charlotte Haitham-Taylor the Executive member for Children's services and education at Wokingham Borough Council has become the Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for North West Durham. A constituency that is some 240 miles away from Wokingham.

    The local paper in Durham has reported that she has moved to Shotley Bridge in the North West Durham constituency and that she many plans for the area. If she has moved there then she shouldn't be continuing as a councillor in Wokingham.



  • Article: Sep 21, 2014

    Within hours of the momentous decision by the Scottish people to remain in the UK, Westminster found itself once again bogged down in conventional party political point scoring.

    I have seen for myself the way in which the vested interests in the two old parties can conspire to block reform - scuppering elections to the House of Lords and a clean up of party funding in recent years.

  • Article: Sep 19, 2014

    After a momentous day, the Liberal Democrats are delighted that Scotland has decided to remain in the UK. This is an exciting time as now we can start delivering more powers to Scotland.

    Commenting on the results, Nick Clegg said:

    "I'm absolutely delighted the Scottish people have taken this momentous decision to safeguard our family of nations for future generations.

  • Article: Sep 18, 2014

    When is a "Road Closure" not a road closure?

    When it is coned off or traffic lights are used but unless it is a total closure with diversion routes it is not counted as a closure. It is however a massive inconvenience for drivers especially when there has been no notice given and therefore no chance for individuals to change their plans, either by going a different route or by leaving earlier to allow for the delays.

  • ReadingWest_MeriOConnell
    Article: Sep 18, 2014

    Liberal Democrats in Reading West have chosen Tilehurst councillor Meri O'Connell as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the constituency, at a meeting this week.

    Meri has a background in public service, working in children's homes and as a Youth Justice Worker, helping young people find employment and training opportunities.

  • Judith Bunting_Steve Webb
    Article: Sep 18, 2014

    Judith Bunting, Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for Newbury and West Berkshire, has challenged sitting MP Richard Benyon to come clean on his position on housing subsidy reform.

    At the recent second reading of the Affordable Homes Bill, a Private Member's Bill sponsored by Liberal Democrat MP Andrew George, Richard Benyon MP failed to vote at the end of the debate (Friday 5th Sept 2014).

  • Article: Sep 17, 2014

    Watch as Nick Clegg takes your questions live on LBC for this week's Call Clegg.


    This is LBC Call Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg takes your calls with Nick Ferrari at Breakfast. Call 0345 6060973 tweet at lbc973 text 84850. This is Call Clegg on LBC.

    NC: It's 9 o'clock on Wednesday 17 September. And obviously because of the Scottish referendum vote tomorrow we're bringing the Nick Clegg on LBC, Call Clegg programme today on Wednesday rather than Thursday. So I'm taking your questions for the next half an hour or so, do get in touch on 0345 6060973 or email at nickclegg@lbc.co.uk and of course, as ever you can watch on the website, lbc.co.uk. First caller Jo in Cheshunt. Hello Jo.